The Word of God through Jesus is spiritual food (Bread of Life).

Temporal (mind) versus Spiritual (heart)

Many of us have gone through life making decisions led wholly by our temporal minds, but as we build a relationship with God through conversations (a.k.a., prayer) a manifestation occurs as our spirit unites with the Holy Spirit and our heart is tied to God's heart and we begin to lead our lives spiritually. Ask for forgiveness of past sins and in being a better person. Reading the words of Jesus is critical because it both fortifies and transforms our spiritual heart. This transformation is supernatural and subconscious, just be obedient and READ the words of Jesus and your perspective on EVERYTHING will change. It is difficult having a relationship with God without knowing His thoughts through His words.

You can read the words of Jesus either through a Bible (New Testament), or to really get to the Heart of God find an abbreviated book (such as the samples shown below) that only speak the Words that came directly from our Savior.

Lastly, the Divine Dance is what inspired the author of the Essay, and you may want to read the book yourself to broaden your horizon and understanding of our relational universe.

Divine Dance.jpg

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